Want to Write a Book, Teach a Course or Sell a Product? Join us!

I am super excited to launch a brand new publishing platform for everyone who wants to earn an amazing income doing work that you love — creating content, courses, coaching and communities around your inspired ideas and personal passion.

The platform is called Collect, Connect & Convert. This is the first “done for you” service specifically created to obliterate the obstacles that keep most folks from turning their ideas into income.


Because as of today, if you’ve struggled to create content, courses or a community from the dimly lit spaces of your home, office or entrepreneurial imagination……you are no longer on your own.

Collect, Connect and Convert is a collaborative creation, consultation and content marketing model that includes all facets of building your business. We will build your entire publishing business together — from ideation, to implementation to optimization and execution.

(you’ll do nothing alone….for 12 months, every course, product, program and piece of your platform will be created in a collaborative fashion, unless you decide you want to do some part of the process on your own)

There is much more to say than I can fit in an email — but at bottom, the quick 30 thousand foot view looks like this:


It starts on call #1 with our deep dive author/entrepreneurial extraction process -we unpack insights — uncover epiphanies — and mine eureka moments from your own experience and expertise. We compile keyword research (using the absolute quintessential cutting edge tools and tech available) to identify your ideal audience, and what THEY truly need. We learn about you — what are your BIGGEST goals — objectives, obstacles and inspired ideas about what you’d really like to do in the world.


At it’s core…..this phase is all about turning your entrepreneurial insights, experiences and expertise into AUDIENCE outcomes. We create the master document and firm foundation of your brand and business. We call this a “content cornerstone” and it’s a growing, flowing always evolving outline of all of your niche knowledge in one place. It’s not static. It grows and changes as you learn more, experience more and have more to offer your audience.

We build the bridge…… connecting your COLLECT phase insights and information and each element of your content cornerstone into products and programs, coaching and courses that create rock star results for your clients and community. (and position YOU as the go to guru or industry expert that offer your audience a superhero transformation every time they interact with your words and your work.)


This is the execution phase. We take all of the ethereal ideas above….and build out your brand and business. Starting with your content and courses, to affiliate programs, landing pages, ads and offers, a branded blog, membership site, email newsletter and everything you actually need to convert your content into a community and your community into clients and cash flow.

This is the perfect publishing platform and program for aspiring authors, coaches, consultants, teachers, personal growth or spiritual development consultants, mindful leaders, digital media brands, local leaders, inspirational activists and “enlightened” entrepreneurs.

Our first public cohort will open on August 7th. if you’d like to jump on a phone call with either myself, or one of our partners to discuss, send an email to hi@mindfulmarketplace.com.

We are also looking for platform partners, and affiliates/ambassadors who would like to help us promote CCC and our MindfulMarketplace platform to places and spaces we can’t reach on our own.

We’ll be paying $1200 + per referral (up to $4k on the top tier of offers) — and my goal is to provide the most ethical and transparent income opportunity in the online publishing space bar none — no gimmicks, no goofiness and no “guru’s” — just cool, creative people collaborating & working hard to make the world a better place, by making better things, together.

If Collect, Connect & Convert sounds like a good fit for you (either as as publisher or affiliate partner)- I’d love the opportunity to connect, and tell you more :)

Hope all is well!

- MindfulMarketplace

PS — I will also be sharing many simple, live examples of how quickly you can completely transform your publishing platform using the CCC content creation and marketing model — please subscribe to the free emails below on our private membership site to get daily(ish) updates — 100% free.


Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work. Join us.


Originally published at https://partners.mindfulmarketplace.com on August 1, 2020.




Occasional thoughts about mindfulness, marketing & Mojo

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Ian Hollander

Ian Hollander

Occasional thoughts about mindfulness, marketing & Mojo

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